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About Us

Hey there! 👋 Thanks for dropping by -. Straight from the heart of Chicago (yeah, the Windy City!), at 123 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 456, we’re all about diving deep into the buzzing world of crypto casinos, especially those awesome live games.

So, what’s our story? Well, we’re a passionate bunch! A team of four, each with our little quirks, but with one common love: all things crypto and casino.

James Anderson The big boss! James started this whole thing. A real geek when it comes to crypto, but put him at a poker table, and he's in his element. This whole venture? It was his brainchild.

Linda Martinez Linda's our wordsmith. With her background in gaming journalism, she’s the one making sure we sound smart. She's got an eagle eye for detail and can spot the difference between Texas Hold'em and Omaha from a mile away.

Michael Kim Mike is the tech guy. He’s the one always reminding us about security and how to protect our digital wallets. He’s also our go-to when we want the lowdown on the latest techy stuff in the crypto world.

Sophia Nelson Soph? She’s the life of the party and the voice behind our social channels. Super friendly and always up for a chat about, well... anything!

We’re on this wild journey to explore, learn, and share all we can about crypto casinos. If you’ve got questions, feedback, or just want to chat about the latest game you played - hit us up! Let’s ride this crypto wave together 🚀.